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Terms of Use

Last updated: 18.01.2024
Terms of Use Agreement
"This Terms of Use Agreement (the 'Agreement') is a legal contract between you ('Client') and We Do Tech Limited, trading as Buy.Design, a company registered in Hong Kong. By accessing and using the Buy.Design website ( and related services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein. If you do not agree to these terms, please cease using the website immediately. Note that obligations for payments for any services rendered remain effective even after the termination of this agreement."Incorporating your company name in this manner ensures that users understand the formal and legal connection between We Do Tech Limited and Buy.Design.

1. Intellectual Property Rights
The website and all its content, including code, graphics, and trademarks, are owned by Buy.Design and protected under copyright and trademark laws. The content is for personal, non-commercial use unless explicitly permitted by Buy.Design.

2. Ownership of Materials
Designs created for you belong to you. Buy.Design will transfer any rights it might inadvertently gain back to you. You confirm that all materials you provide for project use are either owned by you or you have permission to use them. Buy.Design retains the right to publicly display your design work unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. Third-Party Fonts
If a project uses fonts requiring commercial licenses, Buy.Design will inform you. You are responsible for purchasing the necessary licenses.

4. User Representations
By using the website, you confirm that you have the legal capacity to agree to these terms and will not use the website for unauthorized or illegal purposes.

5. Prohibited Activities
The website should only be used for its intended purposes. Misuse or activities that compromise website security or compete with Buy.Design are prohibited.

6. Client Feedback
Any feedback you provide to Buy.Design can be used by us freely, except where it relates to materials you own.

7. Management and Oversight
Buy.Design reserves the right to monitor the website for violations and take action. Decisions about the management of the website are at Buy.Design's discretion.

8. Privacy Policy
By using the website, you agree to the Privacy Policy. The website is hosted in Hong Kong, and you consent to data transfer and processing in accordance with Hong Kong laws.

9. Returns and Refunds
Refunds are assessed case-by-case and are at Buy.Design’s discretion. Materials created within the first month of use remain Buy.Design's property if a refund is given.

10. Modification
Buy.Design can change, modify, or remove content from the website without notice.

11. Connection Interruptions
Website availability is not guaranteed, and Buy.Design is not liable for any interruptions or data loss.

12. Governing Law
These terms are governed by the laws of Hong Kong.1

3. Litigation
Any legal action will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

14. Disclaimer
The website is provided "as-is." Buy.Design disclaims all warranties and is not responsible for any damages arising from its use.

15. Limitations of Liability and Indemnification
Buy.Design is not liable for damages related to website use. You agree to indemnify Buy.Design against any claims related to your use of the website.

16. User Data
You are responsible for your data used or transmitted via the website.

17. Electronic Communications, Transactions, and Signatures
You consent to receive electronic communications and agree to electronic records for transactions conducted via the website.

18. Showcasing Design Work
Buy.Design may share your design work unless a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is in place.

19. Referrals
Referrals are managed through

20. Miscellaneous
These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Buy.Design.

21. Contact Information
For inquiries, contact us at:

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