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Paima Studios

The World's Most Advanced Web3 Gaming Engine
Web design & Game design
Head of Design
Transactions inside games
Paima Studios is at the forefront of Web3 gaming, leveraging advanced blockchain technology to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences. As the Head of Design at Paima Studios, I led the design efforts from scratch, creating a comprehensive and engaging digital presence. Here’s what I accomplished:
Website Development: Designed the entire website for Paima Studios, featuring responsive web design to ensure optimal viewing across all devices.
Landing Pages: Created dedicated landing pages for the Paima Engine, as well as various web3 games including Tower Defense and Jungle Wars.
NFT Projects: Designed the landing page for the innovative Volcaneers NFT project and collection, showcasing the unique Stateful NFTs.
Promotional Materials: Developed promotional materials and banners for the Tarochi game, as well as for other games and projects, enhancing their visibility and appeal.
Project Highlights:
5,000,000+ Transactions: Facilitated over 5 million transactions within the games.
Advanced Web3 Gaming Engine: Showcased the Paima Engine, allowing developers to use their Web2 skills to build Web3 games and apps powered by Layer-2 blockchain technology.
Cross-Platform Gameplay: Enabled cross-chain gameplay with Paima Whirlpool, allowing users to play from any blockchain ecosystem with their favorite wallets.
Stateful NFTs: Highlighted the revolutionary Stateful NFTs, which grow and evolve with the player, offering true ownership and in-game asset control.
Client Benefits:
Enhanced Digital Presence: Created a professional and visually appealing online presence that effectively communicates the advanced features of Paima Studios.
User Engagement: Increased user engagement through intuitive and accessible design, leading to higher transaction volumes and player retention.
Market Differentiation: Positioned Paima Studios as a leader in Web3 gaming with innovative design and state-of-the-art technology integration.
This project showcases my ability to lead comprehensive design initiatives, from conceptualization to execution, driving both user engagement and business success.
“ Rob is a highly gifted designer whose work has significantly elevated our company's online presence. His creativity in developing engaging, impactful designs never ceased to amaze us, consistently adding the 'wow' effect that set our websites and branding apart. Though his contributions will be greatly missed, his talent is undeniable, and I have no doubt that he will continue to create remarkable digital experiences in his future endeavors. “
Nicolás Arqueros
CEO & Entrepreneur in Crypto
Tarochi: Monster Chronicle
Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense
Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble
Nova Chess
Home page
Paima Engine
Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense
Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble - Game page
Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense - Game page
Nova Chess - Game pages

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